First Look at Unreal Engine 5 Game Features Plugin

This article is also available on SUPERJUMP online magazine on Medium. Why Game Features grabbed my attention? Hello! My name is Denis Savosin. I work as a Technical Designer at Yager. Unreal Engine 5 Early Access is out and full of new world-building and rendering features. While the Nanite, Lumen, and World Partition which some […]

Launching Grenades in Unreal Part 2: Attributes, Gameplay Effects, Replication

A SimpleGAS is a set of tutorials for entry-level Unreal Engine enthusiasts who wants to leverage the power of the Gameplay Ability System in their prototypes. While there are great tutorials and GitHub repositories which cover the topic of GAS in more depth, this tutorial is requiring a minimum C++ setup and showcases working examples built entirely using Blueprints. This tutorial is for those who are new to Unreal Engine gameplay/multiplayer development or simply need an easy headstart before diving into more sophisticated GAS-related content.

Launching Grenades in Unreal with Gameplay Ability System: Part 1

Also available on Medium and This is the first tutorial in the series dedicated to Gameplay Ability System. The goal for these tutorials is to be easily digestible, 10 minutes-long reads focused on getting a working prototype of a gameplay mechanic on screen as fast as possible. So whatever you new to Unreal Engine […]

Update: joined Yager Interactive & Future Plans.

In September 2020, I’ve relocated to Berlin, Germany, and joined Yager Interactive. The Yager team is the creators of Spec Ops: The Line and The Cycle, and I am looking forward to building something great with the team. My responsibilities are: Implement or extend features that require work with content and script or code and enable […]

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