Update: joined Yager Interactive & Future Plans.

In September 2020, I’ve relocated to Berlin, Germany, and joined Yager Interactive. The Yager team is the creators of Spec Ops: The Line and The Cycle, and I am looking forward to building something great with the team.

My responsibilities are:

  • Implement or extend features that require work with content and script or code and enable others to overcome technical challenges
  • Identify workflow issues within the design department, review and improve the interface between code and blueprint functionality
  • Create gameplay prototypes and their final in-game implementation using Unreal Editor and Unreal’s scripting system (Blueprint)
  • develop core concepts and game content in collaboration with other teams and create the workflows and production paradigm for level building (e.g. modular systems)
  • Document new gameplay systems 

More specifically, I’ve started to use Gameplay Ability Plugin for work and decided to make tutorials available for everyone interested in taking the first steps learning Unreal gameplay prototyping and multiplayer gameplay programming. The first post in a series can be found here.


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